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Key elements of a strong project

proyectos fotovoltaicos


Since it was formed, Anemoi has invested over 250 million euros in renewable energy projects.

Installed capacity

Over the past three years, Anemoi has undertaken 30 MW of photovoltaic projects, in spite of cash restraints and lack of funding in recent years.

These figures illustrate the excellent technical capacity, professional experience and efficiency Anemoi contributes to the analysis and purchase management of renewable energy projects, This expertise is evident in both technical and other fields, such as pricing, deadlines, and particularly in the speed and safety with which it undertakes investments.

Energy generated

In 2009, the photovoltaic projects currently being exploited by Anemoi generated a total of 46,100 MWh of energy, equivalent to the average annual electricity needs of 11,000 homes.

Contaminating emissions avoided

The electrical energy generated in 2009 by Anemoi prevented atmospheric emission of 4,150 mt of CO2 (cause of the greenhouse effect).


The team currently numbers 12 professionals involved in the different fields of company activities.

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